benefits of Rainwater harvesting


With a planned design that includes a rainwater harvesting system, your outdoor space can be inexpensive to maintain while providing more enjoyment than a costly maintenance demanding landscape requiring excessive labor, machines, and chemicals.

A rainwater storage system can be the cornerstone to creating a wonderful outdoor living experience. Using collected rainwater that is free of chlorine, fluoride and other minerals added to municipal water sources, benefits organic vegetable and herb gardens, as well as fruit and citrus trees. Drought tolerant plants can be watered with rainwater during severe droughts, when necessary. Managing rainwater for supplemental outdoor watering needs during times of drought can be tricky. And if this is a predominant concern, having as much storage capacity as possible is smart.

The cost for domestic water is relatively inexpensive these days and makes the return on investment of a rainwater system low. Water supply experts agree that future municipal water costs will rise. There is an important benefit of having a supply of water during mandatory water restriction days that are occurring more frequently these days. And looking beyond the costs, there is a connection between a natural water source and native plant materials that provides rewards beyond gardening.

This relationship can exist without the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides. Both time and money are saved, as well as reducing downstream pollution due to the introduction of chemicals into the environment. Bugs and birds will thrive in a native landscape and contribute to the gardening experience. The use of rainwater in a native landscape connects these natural cycles. A rainwater collection and distribution system can provide many benefits to the home gardener and naturalist.